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Friday, September 18, 2009

iTunes 9: Beware. Great Eye Candy, Fubar Storefront

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Yeah, Apple Design Can Go Horribly Wrong

Version 9 is the first version of iTunes I regret downloading and installing. After all these years of it being practically the only way I purchase music, this latest version's shortcomings come as a shocker.

  1. Shopping Cart is gone
    I think we all know what a shopping cart is. I don't care if you're Apple, but trying to redefine "shopping cart" into a "wish list" is, utter crapola. Get real, they're different, period.

  2. I think we all drag and drop. Say goodbye to that too - at least from iTunes Store to your playlist - can't drag a song you want to buy to a playlist.
    While this sounds strange, my music interests span different genres (who doesn't?) and that's how I create playlists. The added benefit of drag and drop to playlist *prior* to purchase is that after I do purchase the songs, they're already neatly grouped into the right "playlist"

  3. They think everyone has a widescreen monitor greater than 1280 pixels wide
    I think Apple is drinking too much of their Kool Aid. Yeah, you can't seem to resize columns in Version 9 of iTunes.

  4. The kicker: Wish List
    So you've lost the shopping cart, you can't drag a song from iTunes Store to your playlist, you can't see details of a song because of the fixed column widths, what more can this version do to make life miserable? Oh yeah, it has one more nail to drive through your skull - try finding the Wish List. Yeah, the shopping cart wannabe.

    The shopping cart was ever present in your left bar (along with your Playlists). So you know where to go to purchase whatever it is you've added. Now that its been replaced by a Wish List, you'd think it would at least be easy to find - I mean, this is what drives revenue generation, isn't it?

    Know where it is? It can only be accessed one way. In the Quick Links section, when you click on iTunes store. If you got confused by this sentence, you're in good company.
Sorry Apple, its a sad day indeed to know that you are quite capable of handing out crap. While iTunes 9 has some good eye candy, as a storefront its taking more than a few leaps backward - purchasing items, yes, your revenue model, is FUBAR in version 9.

Oh yeah, thanks for the Home Sharing feature. It's cool. But sadly, now that I know how bad this version is, don't expect me to propagate it to my other PC/Mac. They'll stay (v8) until these errors in judgment are fixed (hopefully)....which by the by, makes Home Sharing moot for me....sigh.

So if your iTunes usage sounds like mine, beware. I told you so.


  • So true and well said. Not being able to resize the columns and see the details of the song or album in the store make it useless. I can't believe Apple released this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:40 AM  

  • I agree, it's awful and that's an understatement

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:20 PM  

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