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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

AT&T: There Ought To Be a Law Against Your Practice

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"Your smartphone requires a data plan. We have added the appropriate data plan for your smartphone. Please call 611 or go to for info."

No need to let me know what the text and the stated requirements are, I've called 611 and they basically told me what its all about.

On this page:

It says if you use a smartphone you are required to purchase a data plan. That is simple enough to understand.

It's also quite simple to see the arrogance and overreach.

So this post is basically my way of saying there ought to be a law against that.

  • Its not your phone, it's my phone
  • I will use it however I please, AT&T will not control what phone I purchase or choose to purchase
  • If I do use your data network, by all means, charge my use and yes, require me to obtain a data plan.
  • But as a smart smarphone user, I have disabled mobile data access
  • I use my smart phone WiFi access (home / office) for data
  • I'm not even going to touch how a plan can simply be added to the account - don't you have any courtesy to ask your (business) customer before you do that? You have a big walled garden before anyone can speak to your customer representatives for any "account related questions", yet AT&T can arbitrarily change plans? Seems someone needs to re-learn lessons related to "auto contract renewal" lawsuits.

In effect this requirement is overreaching and affects/curtails my purchasing behavior and/or my use of available technology for whatever it is I deem to use it for.

  • My phone is my property.
  • Your service is yours.
  • I will pay for services that I use, not those I don't
  • You will not affect my decisions on technology purchases

I'm not a lawyer. But there ought to be a law.


  • This is what happens when a phone manufacturer and a telecommunication company partner up, leaving consumers with lesser choices.

    By Anonymous email encryption service, at 12:29 AM  

  • Actually, in my case, the phone had nothing to do with it. My phone is "open" (not subsidized by AT&T or any carrier for that matter) - it's "mine" to the last circuit.

    That's why this nonsense requiring a data plan simply because someone is using a smartphone is overreach.

    Glad to see DOJ fighting their acquisition of T-Mobile.

    By Blogger EdSF, at 8:41 PM  

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